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What Is This?

Hopefully you’ve came to this site in hopes of finding information on the topics of, but not limited to, personal development, self improvement, motivation and inspiration, productivity, and just about anything in-between.

For a long part of my life, I struggled with self-motivation and overall getting anything done. It’s a struggle, and I know how it goes. I’ve been, and still am in some parts of my life, where you may be right now. Procrastinating all the time, making excuses for never doing anything meaningful, or simply having zero motivation to start something new because of some fear you may hold.

All of these things (and others not listed) are taking over people’s lives, and without learning how to fix and improve on them, people will continue to be a ‘victim’ of their own minds and bad habits. So I’ve created to help people self-motivate, improve themselves, and learn how to succeed in anything it may be you wish to succeed in (that is, if they want that for themselves).




For those who like to scan over pages (can’t blame you, I do it too), we all know bullet points attract attention rather well. So here is a simple list of most of the topics I write about here on this site:

  • Personal Development
  • Self Improvement
  • Procrastination
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Productivity
  • and of course, everything in-between and related 🙂




Who Runs PersonalSelf Anyways?

I thought you would never ask! My name is Dustyn and I’m from the smallest state in the United States. Don’t know which state is the smallest? Try to guess, but no using Google (Send your answer into me on Twitter)!

I guess that since truthfulness is key to life, I thought I’d let you know that I’m full of dry humor before you continue. So if you love a bit of occasional dry humor along with your personal development posts, then you should probably stick around! If not, stick around and make fun of me (I won’t cry too much).


Why did I start PersonalSelf?

It all started when I realized that I was probably at the worst point in my life. Seemingly bad things were happening to me, I could never get anything done, and it all starting getting to me.

One day I said enough is enough, and I sought to improve the lives of others in hopes that I’d find happiness along the way. Let me just say this, it has came much quicker than you’d think.

My personal growth has been tremendous within just the past few months alone, and so I want to share my thoughts on life in hopes it helps at least one other person out there. Think it’s impossible to get out of a rut? Think again. I’m walking living proof of it, and I’m sincerely here to show you how to get out of your rut too.


On that note, what’s holding you back from saying hello to me over on twitter? Stop being shy and click here to say hi to me! (Alternatively, contact me directly in private).




Now What?

Now what you ask? Go start reading, and implementing! Reading and learning is one thing, but if you never implement and practice what is preached, you will never truly change your ways. The easiest part is reading, the hardest part is to actually listen and take action. I will always stress that as often as possible, to learn is to do. Remember that, and you’ll be fine. I’ll leave you off with these links to my most popular pages here on PersonalSelf:

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