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Don’t Let Your History Repeat Itself: Learn From Your Mistakes

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

Stop right there.. Have you done something today that you’ve done in the past? More importantly, was this a repetitive action you keep doing again and again that always seems to (in the end) produce negative results?

If you’ve answered yes to these two questions, you aren’t learning from your past; your history.


Your past is what has defined who you are, and your past has made you who you are today. Of course you probably don’t want to change who you are and the way you think, but what if you could stop repeating those things that keep holding you back?

What if you could repeat the good, and end the bad right in its tracks?


People like to blame reoccurring events in there life on the ideology that history always repeats itself, no matter what you do to try and stop it. Are you one of those people?

Do negative events come to your life, time and time again, and just think to yourself, “history will always repeat itself, I can’t do anything about it!”


It’s okay to admit that you think this way. But you need to realize history doesn’t have to repeat, but us humans seem to just let it go and blame something else for its occurrence.

Lets take it even a step further and talk about something we have all probably gone through, and that is history class.


Remember those boring classes during your high school and earlier days? Well, today they are going to give us a great philosophical perspective on our own lives, simply by comparison.


Obviously we all know war has happened over and over in our history, even to this day. But does that mean it always will be this way, just because it has happened before? No, not at all, and that is exactly my point.

To end all these negative things in the world, between countries and people, we have to work on it. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible to be fixed and resolved with just one single persons efforts to change the world, but if everyone in the world wanted peace, it would happen. Thus, history would be stopped right in its tracks.


So, what exactly am I trying to get across to you? Where I’m going with all this history talk is this, you just have to work on getting to where you want to be in life.

See the great thing is, you don’t need everyone in the world to prevent your own personal history from repeating itself. All you need is you.


Think about this for a second, how would you go about creating world peace? Would you just start being peaceful and hope everyone else does too? Probably not, as you know that wouldn’t really get you anywhere. You would have to start reaching out everyone, trying to connect all the people of the world together to get them all on the ‘same page.’



With that in mind, how can you implement this idea into your own life so you can stop your own personal history from repeating itself? You need to bring together yourself, all of your willpower, all of your thoughts, be willing and open to making the change, and most importantly, learn from your past.


Obviously if you haven’t identified what exactly it is that keeps repeating in your life yet, you will have to figure that out before you will be able to change it.

Let’s just use a broad example, lets say some negative action (literally anything), keeps occurring in your life. How can you actually go about stopping it and blocking it from your life?


Learn about why you do it. Then, learn about how you can stop it from repeating in your life.

If you never pick up on it and never learn from your mistakes, you will keep on doing them.

Always remember this, stop your bad history, but let the good history repeating. This is something crucial to understand while trying to learn about your past mistakes and how to prevent your own negative history from repeating.

You want the good to keep coming around, time and time again. What you don’t want is the bad events that occur from mistakes you are making and not learning from.


What exactly does that mean? It means this, not all history is bad. Some history you want to repeat, like your positive activities that are making you a better person and building your life every single day. By learning about your past mistakes, this will cut out those historically bad actions, and make them into better things for yourself.


Lastly, you need to understand that we all make mistakes. So don’t think, even for a second, that because you’ve made a mistake once, that it is a bad thing. But, once you continuously repeat said mistake, then you have an issue.

That is why we learn, we’ve done it all throughout our lives. Growing up as a kid, I’m sure you did lots of things that didn’t produce positive results. But the important thing is that after we did them, and they produced negative results, we would stop doing them. So just think of it like that, it’s okay to make a mistake, but as soon as you realize you made a mistake, learn how to prevent from doing it again. From there, continue that for the rest of your life and you will never stop learning and you will always be improving.


Learn, learn, learn. Follow this motto, and you will make it out just fine.




Things to remember

  • History doesn’t have to repeat itself
  • If you never learn, your history will repeat itself (so learn and work on yourself, please?)
  • Don’t believe it when someone tells you that you have no control over what happens, because you truly do



The most important thing to prevent history from repeating itself, in your own personal life and in general, is to learn from the mistakes you make.

By learning, you will prevent repeating the negative results from your mistakes in the future.


History doesn’t have to repeat itself, so don’t allow it to anymore. The next time someone tells you, “history will always repeats itself,” tell them no, no it doesn’t. It doesn’t have to. Then when they ask why you say that, you can just send them on over to this post, and I’ll take it from there. 🙂



What is something you keep doing, and aren’t learning from? Let’s hear it right down below, and I’ll give my own personal advice about it.

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