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How To Become Extroverted: And Why You Might Not Want To

I bet you can agree with me when I say this…

As an introvert, seeing extroverted people easily talking to people and being outgoing all of the time seems like a dream come true.


But is it what we really want? Are we just shy and are true inner-self is extroverted? Or are we a true, internally and externally, introvert?


I’m going to help you self discover that very question by the end of this post. You are either going to find out that you really are extroverted just hidden by your current introverted and shy ways. Or, you are a true introvert and there is no hope in ever becoming extroverted.


Let’s answer this question first: Is it even possible to become extroverted? And if so, how can I become extroverted?

The simple answer is yes, you can go from an introvert to extrovert if that is what your little heart so desires. How to do so exactly is a little hard to say, but it’s all about practicing and getting comfortable with being highly sociable like an extrovert is.

Sort of like “faking it ’till you make it.” Some people say it works, some say it doesn’t. Personally I think it can work only if you are truly faking it so much so that you eventually forget you are pretending to be okay. If you are just lying to yourself and are actually dying on the inside every time you practice extroversion then you will never see real results.


For our lesson on self-discovery you need to think about your life goals, aspirations, and wants (or needs).

Do you want to become an actor? Do you want to become a lawyer? A teacher?


All of these careers have one thing in common; more often then not, these positions require extroverted personalities. If your life goals require that you are extroverted and you are sure of what you want, then looks like you might be a true extrovert after all. You’ve now just have to bring it out and never look back.


On the other hand, if a job that requires a lot less interaction with others appeals to you greatly, it might be a very relevant signal that you might be a true introvert. And that’s okay!


I think a major step to becoming okay with your introverted personality is accepting it. Accept that, although you might wish you were extroverted, you just aren’t. It’s not who you are, it’s not how you were raised, and it’s not who you are going to be. You need to become comfortable with it if you aren’t willing to make the massive and highly uncomfortable leap with facing your introverted tendencies to join over onto the extroverted side.


Listen very closely…


You can and will become anything you want to be. Don’t get me wrong.

But as an introvert, I can personally say that I am not willing to make the leap as I simply don’t want to. I’m perfectly fine with myself, in fact I love who I am and have become (as should you!). And if you aren’t willing to put in the tons of effort and many uncomfortable situations it takes to make the change, you will never change.

If you accept and are okay with being introverted, that’s fine! But just know this; if you don’t want to change you won’t. If you do want to change, you will.


The whole introvert vs extrovert debate is kind of, meaningless. There are just two general personalities in this world; those that are introverted and those that aren’t. Imagine if we were all one or the other? What a boring and lifeless world we’d live in!

We need variety, we need introverts as much as we need extroverts. The practice of self-love might be the main reason why you might not want to become extroverted for the simple fact that you love who you are and don’t wish to change what you appreciate about yourself.

While if there is no overcoming this impossible self-love of your introverted ways, then you’ve got to make the switch. If being introverted hurts you, makes you sad, or anything similar, you’ve got to buckle down and face it.


Go out there, talk to strangers, go to parties, let loose and slowly make the change.

It won’t happen over night, as most things don’t. But if you truly see yourself becoming the extrovert you so envy to become, it’ll come. If not next month, maybe next year. Just keep on keepin’ on, and eventually you’ll get there. Or likewise, you might find out that’s not what you wanted along the way and you just decide to stay a fellow introvert.


Either way, the moral of the story is this: become who you want to be. Fuck everyone else and what they think. Be you, love you, and inspire someone because of it.

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