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How to Deal With Stupid People Nicely: 15 Smart Ways

Do stupid people annoy you?


Probably. And if you can’t relate, have you ever heard of the “if you can’t see the idiot then it’s probably you” saying?



On a serious note, I get it, stupid, dumb, annoying, or even  seemingly unintelligent people might come across to you as very obnoxious. It’s okay to feel this way, it really is, sometimes stupid people annoy me too.

But how can you calmly and nicely start dealing with stupidity?


If you couldn’t guess by now, you can start by reading this post of course! Here are 15 smart ways covering how to deal with dumb people:



1. Maybe they think you are the stupid one

This one might sound crazy to you, and you’ll never really be able to know what someone may truly be thinking of you, but let me just ask you this:

What if the people that you thought are being stupid actually think you are the stupid one?


It’s true! This happens more than you think, and it all has to do with our mindset and how we perceive someones intelligence, humor, personality, and the like.


They might think you are stupid for doing something, while you think they are stupid for not doing said thing. This one is kind of like “walking in their shoes.” Think about how it might be possible that they think differently (for whatever reason) and they clearly don’t agree with the situation.


After all, who’s to say we aren’t all stupid?


2. Just be fucking honest

How about you just be honest and tell them how you feel? Maybe calling them stupid or dumb isn’t a good thing, but let them know in a nice and gentle way that they are bothering you (that is, if you want to keep the relationship).

Often times people will consider what you said, notice that they may have been acting a bit… stupid, and will probably stop.


And…… if they don’t? You are going to have to go to plan B: the other options on this list (good luck).


3. When in doubt, give the proof

In relation to #2 on the list, sometimes people just don’t believe what you are saying to them is true.

They think to themselves, “I don’t think I am being stupid / annoying, how is that true?!”


To overcome this conflict, you must bring the proof! It doesn’t have to be physical proof (although videos would help), but simply explaining what they were doing and why or how it frustrated you is typically good enough.


If they are at least somewhat intelligent, they will understand and back off. On the other hand if they don’t stop, they are either seriously arrogant or just even that more stupid (rough stuff I know, but it’s true).


4. Ignore it (Or at least pretend ignore)

If it is intentional annoyance or stupidity, ignoring it will end the fueling that the person needs to keep the behavior going.

Sometimes people think it’s funny to act silly, joke excessively, or just plain act stupid. Of course this is fine and dandy sometimes, but not when the other side isn’t feeling it.


By ignoring someone you’ll show them you really aren’t interested in what they are up too and they’ll probably think you are a boring sack of sh** (I don’t think that, they do!), but they will most definitely back off.


This one takes willpower though, sometimes you get those that test your ignoring skills. If you break in, you are in for a stupid and highly annoying time of your life!


5.Don’t fight, Join

When you can’t fight it, why not join it?

Get a drink (preferably one of high alcohol content), sit down, and be idiotic with them!


Heck, you might even start annoying them and then they’ll be the ones who need to read this article! (Click here to share this with your best friend who acts stupid and annoys the shit out of you).


Seriously though, if you have the time, patience, how about just going with the flow and acting like a fool for a bit?


6. Act mature

Even if you aren’t that mature, put on your mature hat and go at them with maturity.


What I mean is this; when someone see’s you acting and conversating like an intelligible human, they will typically put their mature hat on too and join you.

This one is kind of the opposite of #5, but instead of you joining them you are secretly winning them over to your side without them even knowing it!


Act mature, they might just cut the shit and put their smarty pants on.


7. Deem them to be just like you.. Different

It’s okay, some people just aren’t as gifted as you are (and vice versa :)!


Accepting the fact that everyone is on different levels; maturity wise, intelligence levels, and sense of humor.

If you consistently feel like you are always fighting against the stupidity, you obviously don’t have matching personalities that will ever get along.

You are different too, don’t forget! Just remember, they might think they are always dealing with your stupidity.


8. Stupid is as Stupid Does

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ Forest Gump reference?

The saying “Stupid is as Stupid Does” basically means that stupidity is something within someone, as-in a part of them. Not to say they were born this way, but just how they portray themselves and their current mindset makes them act stupidly, idiotically, or however you wish to perceive it.


Just remember, they can’t change their ways until they are conscious about it! So give them a push to and maybe they will fix their ways (or not, that’s fine too I guess).


9. Accept them for them

Maybe you can overcome their personality and intelligence levels and still have a relationship. This will only be possible if you really care about them and still appreciate their presence (even if you find their stupidity annoying).


Realizing that everyone might of not had the same luck as you have; with environment while being raised or even physical complications, will bring a new light into your life of acceptance.

Accept who they are, find a way to come to terms with their annoying tenancies, and move on and grow your relationship.


10. Seek their inner intellect

Let’s face it, although this post so far has seemed pretty rough I want you to know this; most people that act dumb to you are probably a lot smarter than you think.

Some people joke around a lot more, thus it might come off as them being dumb.


Try to seek out their intelligence by offering up an intelligent conversation about something the both of you would enjoy. You might just find out that they aren’t as simple and stupid as you might have thought.


11. Form a simple relationship

Some people are for intelligent conversations and contemplating our purpose here on earth, others are for loving, others are for messing around and having fun (no, I didn’t mean sexually… well maybe that too).

You may be irritated with someone because you have been seeking intelligence conversations from someone who just isn’t into deep talk like you are. Instead, try forming your relationship into one that is all about relaxing and having fun.


Whatever that may be, find something you two enjoy and go do it! Not every relationship is the same, and trying to force someone to talk deeply and contemplate life purpose with you will never happen. Sorry! (Note: I’m always down for some deep talk, tweet me about it sometime!)


12. It might be you

In fact, it probably is you.

Some people (if not most) might think someone is very capable of a lot of things, while you on the other hand think the opposite.

It’s okay, I know this one might get you down but don’t let it! It just goes back to the point that everyone is different, even you. Realizing that you might perceive someones actions in a totally different way than others is normal, but it may be getting in the way of your thoughts about dealing with stupid people.

Here’s a pro tip for you: don’t let someones stupidity get to you. It might just be you after all.


13. Are you stressed?

Did you know that when you are stressed you are much more irritable?

Sounds like you need to start destressing your life! Once you create a less stress-filled life for yourself, you might realize that you were the dumb one and the person you once thought was stupid is now your best friend again.

Work on yourself first, it might be the gateway to finding a resolution of your issues!


14. Focus on their strengths

Okay, so maybe said person isn’t so good at math and it annoys the crap out of you. Why keep talking about math with them?

Instead, focus on what they are good at and are highly knowledgeable in.


Are they good at cooking? Talk about the kitchen and their newest recipes.

Are they good at fishing? Talk about all their tackle gear and their next big fishing trip.


This list could go on and on, but the fact is this; stop making the chance for them to sound dumb available to occur. Instead, bring out their strengths and have them make you sound like the stupid one (it’s okay, at least now you know how they felt)!


15. Don’t talk bad about them

This one isn’t really a way to deal with stupidity, but I thought it was necessary to add in to keep things nice!

I know it might be frustrating to deal with them, but don’t talk bad about them (to their face or to anyone). It’s just not nice.

This post has been a little harsh on “stupid people,” but we aren’t classifying any specific person or group of people. I’m simply talking about people that act stupid, dumb, annoying, or any of the related and it bothers you.

Even if they bother you, don’t talk bad about them. Instead, try to help them in whatever way you think you can (educate, mentor, or at least be nice).


Be nice, be kind, and it’ll keep the world at least half-way decent! 🙂




I really want to make something clear; this post although may sound arrogant, rude, or however you perceive it, isn’t the case.

In fact, the opposite is happening. This post is merely for the benefit of those who are experiencing annoyances by those they deem to be stupid, dumb, annoying, or whatever word you wish to use.


At the end of the day, it’s true, we are all different. Smart people aren’t better then the next; but once you confront your emotions and maybe realize stupid behaviors aren’t benefiting you, why not search for a way to resolve them and become a better you?

My hopes of this post are simply to resolve any emotional grievances those of you who get annoyed at pure idioticracy.


How do you deal with stupid situations, people, or anything stupid?

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