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How to Stop Being Clumsy: 11 Mindful Ways

Although personally I don’t suffer from being clumsy, a klutz, or whatever term you’d like to call it; I’ve seen what it’s like. From dropping things constantly to running into things; it all comes down to one reason on what causes clumsiness…


Unaware of immediate surroundings.


For whatever reason those whom are clumsy are the way they are (whether it’s ADHD, dyspraxia, etc), it all comes down to some sort of being unaware of their surroundings. And although there may be no true cure or fix for this issue, I highly believe that some mindful tips can be consumed and implemented into your life to try reducing this clumsiness you may be facing yourself.

Of course it’s not possible for everyone to switch, because some simply just don’t want to. But for those of you who have been searching for a answer or resolution for this, I’ll try my best to help you become more mindful and aware of things that make you out to be a klutz.


For those who are intrigued and are wondering how not to be clumsy, we firstly need to cover some clumsiness symptoms and signs to ensure you suffer from clumsiness:

  • Frequent tripping over things
  • Knocking over everything in sight
  • Bumping into every single door, no matter how wide the opening
  • Running into other people 24/7 (promise me you don’t have a grudge with everyone and it’s just clumsiness?)
  • What else? Really anything that involves accidentally knocking over or bumping into something (sorry for generalizations but, how can you blame me?!)


Now these aren’t meant to make you feel bad, seriously. That’s the LAST thing I’d want for anyone. Instead, everything here is meant to help bring you to a realization of the “issue,” and be able to realize that you need to work on it (if that’s what you want). Anyways…

We are going to help answer and fix these common questions in this post:

“Why am i so clumsy? Fuck this I quit.”

“Am I too clumsy for life itself?”

“How can I overcome being a klutz? It literally sucks!”


So without further ado, here are 11 mindful ways on how to stop being clumsy. Hope they help, you klutz! (kidding)…



My personal 11 Tips on How to be Less Clumsy…


1. Training yourself to be more mindful

Although this is a rather broad tip in terms of exactly how to go about doing this, but becoming more mindful of your accident prone self is the first step to overcoming it.

What is “being mindful” entail exactly? Well, in basic terms it’s the process of just knowing that you are prone to clumsiness, and being actively aware about it. Like I always say, if you aren’t aware you aren’t learning. Without being aware of the issue, you will never know about it in the first place; let alone think about solving the issue.

So work on being more consciously aware that you are clumsy and that you want to fix it, this way you’re mind will always be on the lookout for opportunities for you to be a klutz and will try avoiding it more and more overtime.


2. Clean your space

Maybe you are just really messy and unorganized that you always seem to trip over and bump into things. So rather than you being actually clumsy and suffering from being a dyspraxic adult, you might just need to work on your cleanliness.

Here are 10 actionable tips to keep your areas clean and organized which you can implement to really any part of your home, office, or “free time” space.


3. Slow it down… and go back to bed

Not literally go back to bed, that doesn’t fix anything! Instead, just take things one at a time. For those who suffer from ADHD or ever-running thoughts, you need to find ways to cope with this. The best tip I could give for slowing down and taking things one at a time is to stop multitasking. It’s been proven that multitasking isn’t as productive as you may think, and it may even by slowing you down.

How does it slow you down you ask?

Going back from activity to activity, thought to thought, you never get to be fully immersed into one specific activity. This makes you confuse the activities and facts with each activity and overall you won’t complete them at full capacity if you were to have done one at a time. The answer to “why do i keep dropping things” may be resolved with this tip alone, if not; keep reading!


4. Work on physical abilities through yoga

Building up your strength doesn’t have to mean being able to do 100 push ups. Instead, building up your core is a much better way to promote overall health along with balance and fixing physical clumsiness.

Through yoga practices, you will slowly notice an overall increase in balance and even more strength with everyday activities.

Like science? Then check out these 15 poses that have been proven to improve balance.


5. Anxiety and clumsiness may go hand and hand

Easier said then done, I get it. But, who said it was easy? By overcoming anxiety and the non-stop thoughts that come along with it, you will be able to better implement these 10 other tips into your daily life.

There is no one solution for overcoming anxiety, because it all stems from different things and happens for different reasons for literally every sufferer. The only solution I can give right now (this is for an entirely different post) is a continuation of personal development and a commitment to try as many things as you can to resolve it until you find what works for you. Now go, search for the solution for yourself!


6. Take on hand-eye coordination improving activities

The skill of hand-eye coordination takes time to master, but there are literally tons of things you can do to improve it.


Why do you think avid video game players actually have an extremely good hand-eye coordination? Because all of the fast movement and connection between there vision and hands with a controller improves it every time they play.

Want to become like a video gamer and there magnificent hand-eye coordination skills? Here are some coordination training activities you can start with that will help destroy your motor clumsiness:

  • Play catch with a football, baseball, or really anything (pebbles for all I care)
  • Pick up the controller and play some games
  • Learn to juggle
  • Indulge in a game of tennis or ping pong (ching, chong, PONG)
  • Use apps to help reaction time and precision (20 of them listed here)
  • The possibilities are endless, just pick an activity that requires about your vision and a physical reaction!


7. Maybe it’s your shoes?

Maybe those shoes that you “love” don’t love you back. They might be too big, too bulky, or they seriously might just not love you back. Either way, have you noticed that you are more or less clumsy when you wear a certain pair of shoes? If not, start taking note on which shoes help (or not) with your clumsiness.

If you see no difference, you may either be 1) being so conscious of it that you are 10x more clumsy in everything or vice versa or 2) this isn’t the issue. Either way, if you see no results then this might not be your issue (sorry, it’s you not the shoes, it’s you).


8. Re-check your vision

Visiting an eye doctor is probably one of the last things you would think of when overcoming clumsiness. But seriously, you may have something wrong with your vision and you won’t be able to tell entirely unless you visit a professional.

Vision is going to be an extra likely factor if you already wear glasses or contacts. And a checkup never hurts, does it? It’s not like the doctors where they put needles in your arms, ouch! 🙁


9. Imagine a life of not running into everything

This practice is known as visualization, which I touch on in #11. By visualizing a life without always running into doors, spilling drinks, and breaking things you will be able to cultivate that for yourself (as with anything!).

Please note though that this isn’t instant, and won’t work unless you give it a real and honest try. You must believe 100% in this technique, otherwise you will never see any results from it and you’ll remain a non-believer. Go into it with a open mind and give it a go. What’s the worst that will happen?


10. Stress takes its toll

Believe it or not stress can be very damaging to both physical and mental health. This can lead to tons of issues, and I believe that one of them is clumsiness. Thankfully the solution to this one is overcoming stress in your life, which is a win win for both clumsiness and your overall health. Work on relieving stress from your life, and you may realize clearer thoughts and less fatigue.


11. Just laugh it off

Don’t get embarrassed by your clumsiness, instead embrace it! This will allow you to overcome your anxiety and fear of falling, running into things, or any other clumsy activity you actively run into (get it, run into). Learning how to laugh it off and not feel judged (or care if you are being judged) will allow your brain to not care about it happening. When you no longer care, you will by nature be less likely to be a klutz.

How does that work?

Through the art of your thoughts! By not wanting something to happen and thinking about it 24/7, it’s much more likely to occur (funny how that works). Vice versa, if you take part in visualization for things you want to come to you (positive things), they will come to you! Don’t let your subconscious skew your chances at overcoming clumsiness. Instead, let your subconscious overcome these negative thoughts and it will result in less caring and overall less clumsiness or your money back.



Final Thoughts

Yay! We’ve finished all of my personal 11 tips on overcoming the clumsy disease. Not really a disease, but it sure is a nuisance for many across the world I guarantee it.

Where you suffer from mild or extreme clumsiness, there is hope for all out there who want it to become the opposite of clumsy in the future which is what, balanced? I don’t know, gosh.

Re-read through these tips, pick 2-3 that you want to try, and work on them. If you don’t see all the results you want, pick up some more of these tips and try them out too.


Like always, comment down below your comments or other tips you may have for others out there who are wanting a solution to this. Until next time, keep on keepin’ on everyone!

1 Response
  • self development
    November 8, 2016

    I really like number 2. Clean your space…
    I never was tidy but only in the past few years i realised how the space energies affect my peace of mind

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