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25+ Introvert Blogs That All Introverts Should Follow

I think we’ve gone too long without a gathered and organized list of introvert blogs that all of us introverts should be reading, if not following consistently.

Introverts have it hard, and without people who they can relate with and understand; they become lost.


I’ve created this list of 25 introvert blogs that literally all introverts in the entire world should follow and read.


PS: This list is in no specific order. I think all of these sites have their own specialties, so remember that while going through the list! Number one is no better then the last (and vice versa)!



Introvert, Dear

Dear oh dear, this is a good one! This blog is specifically for highly sensitive introverts and the like. Introverted? Sensitive? You may want to checkout Introvert, Dear and the creator: Jenn Granneman.


The Introvert’s Corner

This blog is just a sub-section of Psychology Today, but I simply had to add it. They are a big player in a lot of things, and it surprised me to see an entire section for introverts! Since they are so dedicated to us introverts, I just had to add them.


Quietly Fabulous

Fabulously quiet or quietly fabulous, either way works. Heck, I might of even thought of a new blog name (kidding). The name clearly stands out as a was to say that quiet people are fabulous, duh. I must say; good work with this one Susan!


Introvert Retreat

A retreat for introverts. While you don’t get to sit on a beach and sip drinks while reading the blog (although I think if we recommend that option enough, they might offer it), it’s always a great read. With tons of writers and guest contributors, you will surely discover lots of different opinions that are never one-sided.


Quiet Revolution

This blog is all about the quiet people taking over the world. Seriously though; the owner (Susan Cain) is trying and successfully bringing out the true power introverts have but are typically too afraid to bring it out otherwise.



Wait a second, this one sounds familiar.. Look at the URL bar really quickly and tell me if you notice something? Oh, that’s because this one is the site you are on right now. I simply had to add PersonalSelf in because, well, I identify as introverted and I love writing about topics that will help fellow introverts out (read the bottom of this article to find those posts!).


Introvert Kingdom

The kingdom for all introverts alike. Although this name is rather generic (like a few on this list *cough*), we don’t blame them at all. They produce some interesting and highly thought provoking topics that really make you scratch your head. Although they seemingly don’t update often, I had to add it!


The Introvert Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur at heart but also a struggling introvert? It might seem like a difficult and scary road ahead of you then. No need to fear, the introvert entrepreneur is here! Check them out for all of you introverted entrepreneurs out there.


Introvert Zone

Although this site is outdated and has been for awhile, the have pages and pages of pretty neat topics If you read a lot though, don’t expect them to update anymore once you finish all of their available posts.


Introvert Whisperer

Kind of like a dog whisperer, no? Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. This blog is actually all about career advice for introverts, so it’s fairly similar to “The Introvert Entrepreneur” blog, but for careers and jobs. Need a career but not sure how to get an introvert friendly one? Click on over to their website then!


The Public Introvert

Can’t get anymore public then putting public in your name I guess. This public introvert went, well, public with her blog. Ran and operated by Nicole Bevilacqua, this blog will get your introverted minds going.


Sacred Introvert Space

I know you probably think you’re sacred, and if that’s true then the sacred introvert space was made for you. The have tips from dating for introverts to explaining what it means to be a sacred introvert. Sounds like a weird and strange stretch of topics to me, but I think it’s interesting!


The Creative Introvert

Creativity is highly important, and since introverts are self-consumed with their own thoughts all day they ought to be somewhat creative (I’m not even sure how that makes sense to be honest). If you think you are an introvert and even mildly creative (or not), this one might be entertaining for you.


Introvert Extrovert Blog

Hey great idea, let’s not only force introverts and extroverts to mix in real life; but let’s create a place online to combine them too! On a serious note, this blog could fit both personalities, although I see it more targeted towards introverts. Awesome stuff on there though for sure.


Wise Introvert

I’d like to say I’m rather wise, how about you? Although I don’t think the blogs name was meant to make you feel wise, but rather that the owner and main writer was the wise one. Anyways, this blog I guess is for introverted woman. So if you were lucky enough to be born a woman or classify yourself as one, here’s one just for you!


The Dynamic Introvert

Being dynamic in an ever changing world is crucial, especially as an introvert! While this is another one of those generic blog names, I’ll still give them credit for producing some pretty interesting topics. Sorry it wasn’t mean as a slight, Lesley Taylor (the owner).


Self Promotion For Introverts

Last but definitely not least; we’ve got a blog all about self promotion for introverts. We can all relate to the fact that career advancements can be tough while having an introverted personality. This blog helps you with all of that, and maybe even advance a little quicker! You can thank Nancy Ancowitz for all the help later when you become CEO!


Introvertology Blog

Thea, owner of Introvertology, started her blog in hopes of helping introverts spread their message with the world by writing relateable and helpful content that is just overall perfect for the typical introvert issues we face. You don’t need to be an extrovert to spread your message, if you are introverted and need some help just read Thea’s blog!


Mirror Balls and Confetti

Along with a seriously EPIC name comes seriously epic content. They post on, from what I can tell and have observed, topics that allow introverts to accept themselves and be able to express their introverted personalities. Once again, you can tell an introvert came up with this name. It’s just so out there! 🙂


Note: Since posting this article originally, I’ve been given suggestions as well as finding many new introvert blogs out their in the wild. From now on, all additional blogs I find will be added below here! 🙂


Baked by an Introvert

While this blog won’t give you any relateable life advice (or will it, baking is a much needed skill), I thought it was very interesting to see a baking blog just for introverts. On top of that, the stuff looks incredibly yummy and I think I’m going to have to request some of those desserts.


Sociable Introvert

Being a socialable introvert, isn’t that just an extrovert? Not really, this blog is just about helping introvert grasp their potential to be able to be at least semi-sociable with other humans. Oh, and I must say this blog is highly relateable when it comes to the content that is posted. Well done I must say, well done.


Creative Life Changes

This one gives some highly practical tips and advice when it comes to life skills for introverts. This highly thought provoking and information introvert blog is a great read for probably almost any introvert out there. Along with almost all of the others on this list; this one is highly relateable as well!


Notey’s Introvert Section

While there site does cover a lot of different topics far from related to introvert, they do offer a frequently updated and well crafted section just for introverts (thanks again for that, Notey!). Check it out, I find that they have some simple yet elegant posts and pictures that are quiet appealing.


Riskology Blog

This seems to be highly targeted towards helping introverts become a better them. This blog, ran by Riskolgy, allows introverts to pick up and read topics that will help them better themselves and their work life.


Introvert Waters

Seemingly a safe place for introverts (that’s what they told me, you don’t think it’s a trap do you?). This website offers content that is written by introverts themselves for all introverts alike. They are pretty harsh as they don’t apologize for honesty, and if you don’t like smart and witty content; run away very, very fast!


Introvert Inspired Blog by Patricia Weber

This blog brought to life by Patricia Weber is super relateable, and has some awesome stuff for you introverts out there. Along with her coaching and value packed content, this is a surefire stop for your weekly read of introvert content. Thanks for sharing this one, Patricia! 🙂


Introvert Spring

A highly relatable introvert blog which offers topics which a natural introvert could relate with. Michaela is the brains behind this website and it is truly a great resource for introverts of all kinds!




Hopefully this list has brought many new resources to your attention, and maybe even to your frequent “to visit” list.

I tried to keep it as fair as possible, but of course I probably missed some more epic introvert blogs out there, so I’d like to hear about them! That’s right, if you know about or even own your own blog targeting introverts; share it with me and the readers here on PersonalSelf. If it’s a good blog, I’ll even add it to the main list. 🙂


One last thing while I’ve got you fellow introverts here, check out these two popular popular posts here on PersonalSelf specifically made just for you:

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Update: I’ve added more blogs to the list from the original 17. There is always room to grow this list, just give me suggestions!

9 Responses
  • Janet Barclay
    August 14, 2016

    Thank you so much for including Introvert Retreat on your list!

    • Dustyn
      August 15, 2016

      No problem, I couldn’t leave it out! 🙂

  • Maz Durbin
    August 16, 2016

    Hi, I love this list – so many wonderful writers and resources are out there for introverts! I’m the Founding Editor of Mirror Balls & Confetti where we celebrate beautiful introverts and the introvert lifestyle. Our aim is to always represent introversion in a positive light, with a touch of humour and lots of style. Keep up the great work and thanks again for your article

    • Dustyn
      August 17, 2016

      Thanks so much for the share! I checked out Mirror Balls and Confetti (love the name by the way) and have to say it looks great, it may even qualify to be added to the list!

      Thank you for the kind words, and I can see this being added to the next update with a few other blogs I’ve came across.

  • Patricia Weber
    November 14, 2016

    This is a valuable list – and I can say I know many of these! They even contributed to my most recent book, Communication Toolkit for Introverts.

    There is also, – it is now a member only website but I think the blog is still available.

    And I’d love it if I can mention my blog? At

    • Dustyn
      November 14, 2016

      Hi Patricia!

      Love the kind words. Also, I checked out your website and love it! I’ll be adding it to the list for sure.

      Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

  • Giselle
    December 7, 2016 is a very good one too 🙂

    • Dustyn
      December 21, 2016

      That is a great one, Giselle!

      I’m actually surprised I’m just now coming across it. It has been added to the list, thanks a ton for the suggestion! 🙂

  • Alys
    December 20, 2016


    What a great resource – thank you for sharing this list!

    I’m new to the blogging world, and new to coming to terms with the fact that I don’t have to apologise for being an introvert. Super happy that I can learn about others experiences.

    I haven’t come across many introvert ‘mummy blogs’ yet, I’d love to read more from other introvert mums!

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