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31 Practical Jobs For Introverts and Quiet People in 2017

Think to yourself, what kind of job would I be most comfortable in? Being an introvert and probably shy, your answer is probably something along the lines of, “not much interaction with others.” Or maybe even, “being independent with minimal customer interaction.”

Finding a decent job can be a hard endeavor by itself and you probably know that by now. But trying to find good jobs for introverts can add an extra level of difficulty to the process. Especially when you don’t really know what is out there and available for the quiet type.

This post is for you, the introvert, to give you some guidance on where exactly you can go in your work life, and maybe even build an amazing career for yourself if you so desire.




Just to tell you in advance that I am going to break the list into a couple different categories so you can skip to the one that is going to be most relevant for you.

Some of you are going to be looking for a full time career that will suit you, while others may be looking for more entry level jobs. So, if you are just joining the work force, or simply just want to find a more comfortable job and career, I’ve got you all covered.

So with that being said, the jobs I’m going to share in this post are ones that are highly practical to a real introvert. I’ve seen a ton of posts about jobs for introverts, and in reality they either are hard to get into or they simply aren’t introvert friendly. So, with all of you in mind, I’ve created this practical list with some of the best jobs for introverts.

Now, let’s get into the list!




Entry Level Jobs for Introverts

I thought it would be best if I start of with the entry level type jobs for you introverts that are just about to join the real work force. So whether you just graduated high school or college, this part of the list should suit you just fine!

Also before we start, for this first set of jobs I am not listing specific jobs, as entry level positions are endless due to all the different fields you can get a degree in. These are just things that are in a lot of different fields, and that you may be able to easily get a job in if you have a degree in a specific field.


1. Online Support Representative

Finding a job as an online support representative in your field will be a great way to avoid all that real life human interaction. Of course you will still be talking to people, but typically this is through a live chat or email and you really don’t ever come face to face with many people.


2. Assistant

Literally almost any field you may want to have a job in will have assistant positions available. The thing with being an assistant is this; you are still going to interact with people, but not nearly as many as the person you are working for does.

Assistants simply help out with tasks for other people, and that is about it. So, if you can get comfortable around a few people then this may be something you really should consider.


3. Freelancer

Are you good at writing, programming, or anything in-between? You could even freelance data-entry work, and it can all be done online.

This one will take a bit longer to be able to start bringing in a livable income as you need to build a client list. But, you can do it all online with sites like freelancer.

Go check out the job offerings they have, and if you see something you can do, then maybe you should give it a go!



Update: Before we start, here is a list of 25 introvert blogs that will help you become a better you and understand yourself better. I dare all introverts out there to check them out, they are seriously really interesting to read (one is even cooking for introverts specific, talk about feeling special!) Okay… now here we go!


Good Careers For Introverts

For this category of jobs, you really don’t need to already have a degree in anything to get the job. Hopefully this will be most useful for those who don’t have a degree, but are willing to work there way up in a decent career.


4. Deliver Mail

The most notable delivery services that I am referring to are USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Although you don’t need a degree, you will need to be able to pass some tests and be a very good driver.

This is definitively something to look into considering it can be a rather high paying job, and I know even introverts want high paying jobs.


5. Truck Driver

Although you will probably need a license for this, it is very similar to delivering mail. Low person interaction, and you are on the road a lot.

The benefit of this over delivering mail is you don’t need to keep getting out of the truck to drop off packages every minute. So if you are super lazy, you might want to drive a truck over delivering mail (no I’m not calling truck drivers lazy!).


6. Janitorial Work

You’ve got to get creative with this one. Where do people hire janitors? The movies, schools, the list literally goes on and on.

Janitors often work with a few other people but your interaction with others will be minimal compared to other jobs in the building.


7. Data Entry

Ew.. I know it sounds gross, but often times you can do this type of work from home. You can do medical data entry, customer data entry, and so on.

Look at it if this is something you wouldn’t mind doing, be prepared to get bored though!


8. Tax Preparer

A lot of places need people when tax season comes, and typically they train you rather quickly on how to do the job.

If you are up for working on other peoples taxes, give this one a go!


9. Garbage Truck Driver

This is rather similar to delivering mail, but instead of delivering mail to homes, you are picking up their trash.

Again, driving a garbage truck can be a very good career choice as it tends to be high paying.


10. House Painting

You can either start your own house painting business, or start working for someone who already has one.

All you do is get a job, get the details, and paint. Not many people will try to talk to you while you are busy on a ladder, two stories up. Well, at least I hope no one would.


11. Customer Service Center

Are you willing to answer the phone and talk to the occasional angry customer on the phone? If so, maybe you should find a job at a customer service center.




Part Time Jobs For Introverts

Maybe you are still in school and either can’t get your dream job just yet, or you are just looking for another job that isn’t so stressful for you. The following list will be of much help to the people who are looking for part time positions.


12. Cook / Kitchen Work

Instead of being on the front line serving food, how about being behind the scenes working at your own station? You’ll only have to deal with other employees, and that can get really easy once you are comfortable around them.


13. Stock shelves

Almost any retail store has this position available, and you barely interact with people.

If you want to go a step further and can do it, be a night time stocker. This way, it’s just you and the store (and maybe a few fellow employees).


14. Clean homes

Willing to clean other peoples homes? If you can deal with that, you should start applying to some cleaning companies and hopefully, you can get a rather simple and limited interaction job.


15. Cart Pusher

Your local grocery store, retail stores, and really anyplace that uses a lot of carts will typically have a designated cart pusher. All they do is bring carts in the entire shift, so you really don’t have much interaction with people.


16. Anything Night shift

Really any job that is during the night will typically have a lot less interaction with others. So if you are a night owl and can handle this lifestyle, look for a night shift job to work.



Other Amazing Job Ideas

Well, so far I’ve tried to create a few groups of some amazing, yet very practical job ideas for you introverts. But, there are so many more and so that is what is going to be listed here. Sure, I could of kept grouping them in separate sections, but I’m sure you just want to get to the ideas, so here we go..


17. Animal care and Services

Love animals but not people? Working with animals could be a very soothing experience, and hey, you might even open up to people if you feel comfortable being with animals all around you.


18. Web Developer / Programmer

If you love tech stuff, maybe you should consider working in the field. You might have to learn a lot before you can get a job, but it is well worth it and often times only work in small teams at most. And on top of that, you create pretty awesome stuff!


19. Medical Transcriptionist

To sum it up, this job requires you listening to medical voice recordings and writing down all everything that is said. It is similar to data entry, but specific to the medial field. Typically you can even work from home, so that is a huge plus!


20. Factory Jobs

This could be a ton of different things. From working on the main production line to supervising, and so on. Factories can be loud, so you will always have an excuse if you don’t want to talk to someone.


21. Surveyor

Ever see those guys on the side of the road surveying the ground? Pretty simple, and these types of jobs are even well paid if you find the right employer.


22. Social Media Manager

If you find yourself a wiz when it comes to generating buzz online, maybe you can earn some money doing it for others. Small, medium, and large businesses pay hefty amounts for this and the industry is huge. Just be good and have a track record and you will start doing something you find fun (and get paid for it!).


23. Business owner

You might be thinking: what?! Are you crazy?!

So while I understand that as a business owner you are going to have to talk to and deal with others, the amount of interaction depends on how you setup your business model. Interet based? You will most likely deal with a lot of emails rather than in-person meetings. Just remember, if you are an entrepreneur don’t let your introvert personality keep you back! Go for it, seriously.


24. Private Chef

Enjoy cooking but don’t want to deal with anything more than a couple people? Try landing a client or two that will pay you to cook for them. This way, you only have to get comfortable with a few people and heck; do what you love!


25. Blog

I guess this goes back to owning a business, and while this is technically a “job” but it can still be way to generate income for yourself. Think about the things that you love, know a lot in, and could write about for DAYS. Have something in mind? Go blog about it and let the world know who is the next big thing in your industry! πŸ™‚


26. Ghostwriter

This sort of ties into freelancing, but it can be done as a professional job or career as well. Ghostwriting is basically the process of writing under someone elses name (or brand). It’s kind of like being on the back of everyone and being literally like a ghost. Sounds fun to me.


27. Personal driver

You can be that quite driver that everyone passively appreciates (but won’t say it). Either start off with something like Uber, or try getting into a solid position at a private driver firm.



Know multiple languages like the back of your hand? Translating services that are done right can be paid very well. Finally, those 4 languages school taught you will come to use!


29. Financial advisor

Know anything about finances, stocks, or the related? People pay a good commision to those who make their finances grow. Warning: must love numbers for this one!


30. Anything remote work

In addition to this list, really anything that can be done remotely can be an easy way to avoid stressful coworkers or situations we typically find ourselves in that we otherwise wish not to be in. Working remotely can be a tough one to get into, but if you find a way then it is something to cherish for sure.


31. I need YOUR suggestions

This list is never ending, and I plan to keep adding to it as more ideas come to mind. So, please do me (and really everyone) a favor by commenting some introvert job ideas down below. Thank you! πŸ™‚






That about sums it up for the best jobs for introverts list. But, since this is a personal development blog, I’ve really made this post in hopes of helping some of you fellow introverts out there.


I want you to take this list with a grain of salt, at least for those of you who know what they want. If you know what you want, whether you are introverted or not, go get it. Don’t settle for anything less, especially when you already know what you want to do in life.


Sure, some things may get in the way from your introverted personality; but there is always a way around it.


If you want to own a business, do it. Yeah, you are going to run into situations you won’t want to deal with (like making phone calls or attending meetings), but once you overcome it a few times it will be easy as pie.

Don’t let being an introvert be a defining factor in your life, instead let it be a driving factor. Introverts are known for their creativity, dedication, and intellect; so use it to your advantage. And this doesn’t just go for introvert entrepreneurs; it goes for anyone! Want to be a CEO of a big company (or even small)? Go do it! Want to be a writer? Go do it! Whatever it is, know your skills and know where you lack skills and do what you do best.


Lastly; for those who need some advice on overcoming general shyness, I’ve put toegether a postΒ  on the topic over on the blog. I think it might be of use to some people out there that simply want to overcome shyness in general!


With that said…


Have any other job or career ideas for your fellow introverts? Comment them down below, I’d love to hear what else there is that I may have missed.

19 Responses
  • Jo Sims
    November 12, 2016

    Looking forward to the newsletter and motivation e-mails. I’m so glad there is someone out there who might be able to help me to continue to grow and be comfortable with myself.

    Thank you.

    • Dustyn
      November 13, 2016

      I’m glad you are looking forward to them, Jo! I try to make them as practical yet simplistic as possible for the most effectiveness. πŸ™‚

      Hope to see you around!

  • Jami
    November 16, 2016

    I’ve taken the final “beating” at office work. I’ve finally admitted the problem is me. I still need to earn a living though. Perhaps other readers have ideas you haven’t thought of – any new ideas would be so helpful. Thanks!

    • Dustyn
      November 16, 2016

      Hey Jami!

      I feel for you, I wish I could help.

      I’ll be updating this list soon with even MORE job ideas for introverts. Be sure to come back and check it out. Good luck out there. πŸ™‚

    • Wendy
      November 21, 2016

      You are not a problem or the problem it’s just that office work or any “team environment job is not for your personality. I can say this because I am a introvert and Iv’e been doing office work and team environment jobs for many years and I’m still trying to find the right job for me at 45 yrs. old.

      • Dustyn
        November 24, 2016

        Well said, Wendy! I totally agree and can support you when you say “you are not the problem.”

        You aren’t, and I hope that isn’t the way this article put it. I in fact understand and have accepted being an introvert myself, and know that some jobs I probably can’t (more-so won’t) deal with. Thus, this list is here to hopefully spark some ideas on what types of jobs you could find yourself in.

  • Ali
    January 6, 2017

    I think jobs like Video game developer, Animator, and graphic designer are great for an introvert especially if you are an artsy person

  • Jo
    February 4, 2017

    Hi All,
    I’m not really an introvert but I used to get so frustrated and ‘depleted’ by other peoples issues/arguments etc. at work! Having been a care/support worker for 20 years, for other people I finally decided to set up on my own and work for myself as a respite worker.

    I put together an inexpensive website and advertised on sites like Gumtree, Friday Ad etc. for private support/care work and, hey ho…the work started coming in, bit by bit until now, I have a steady stream of quiet easy going clients that love peace and quiet as much as I do! I confess I do ‘cherry pick’ the work that offers me the most peace, quiet and solitude. Any other work I signpost to other people that might be seeking work.
    This works well for me and also means I can go and travel whenever I want, which is my greatest passion.
    Good luck to all!

    • Dustyn
      February 4, 2017

      Love this response, seriously. I think it’s a real life example of how introverts can work for themserlves without sacrifing themselves for every penny that comes their way.

      The way you “cherry pick” clients is a great way to get work that you love and even pays well. No shame in selecting only the best of the best clients to work with.

      Thanks for the comment, I always love a good and in-depth one that adds value to all interested readers. Keep on keepin’ on! πŸ™‚

  • Michael Reno
    February 9, 2017

    Message therapist. You spend work time in a quiet relaxing setting where the customer doesn’t talk at all πŸ™‚

  • Hobo2093
    February 17, 2017

    I know its not high paying but i know several security guards who drive their personal vehicle several miles up a dirt road and get paid $8-$14 an hour to sit in the middle of the woods guarding a back route into an industrial site, an expensive piece of equipment in the middle of nowhere, or an industrial plant that has been shut down. They are there for insurance purposes and never have to do anything. One guy was paid $50 a night just to sleep in a camper next to some logging equipment ( his boss actually told him he could sleep every night as long as he was there). It’s not for those who want more than they need but if your idea of a perfect job is spending 8-12 hours a day/night doing whatever keeps you entertained and never seeing anyone else it belongs on the list.

  • Julia
    March 1, 2017

    I worry about my future because of my social anxiety disorder. Places won’t take me because I’m so anxious and it’s getting harder and harder to get a job as simple as shelf filling. Life is funny. I’ll persist.

    • Dustyn
      March 27, 2017

      Keep looking!

      This list is by far not perfect, and there are TONS of opportunities that might better fit what YOU are interested in.

      As always, never settle. Good luck, hope to see you around! πŸ™‚

  • Dee
    March 20, 2017

    I am 47 and have come to realize that I am an introvert. I am now in a job that I really dislike. The job is not the problem but the environment is the problem. I listen to co-workers ramble on, cackle and socialize all day. I then put on headphones to drown out the noise. By Friday I am mentally drained from trying to block out all the noise. My job is extremely mundane and easy so I can’t complain but I’m very frustrated and unfulfilled. Looking for that next job more suited to the introvert.

    • Dustyn
      March 28, 2017

      I’m sure TONS of people can related 100% with that, Dee.

      My advice? While you should take it as you shall, think about a job that you’d love. Consider no human element, but rather the thing you’d love to do day in and day out. From there, do that thing in a way that satisfies your needs as an introvert.

      Hope that helps, I try! See you around? πŸ™‚

      Oh and PS: You are never too old to make big or small changes in your life. Heck, I’d be willing to testify that you can do anything no matter how old you are under oath! Well, maybe expect 90+ year-olds. But even then, there is always room to improve, even if it’s simply inner happiness. Okay, cheers now!

  • Nicole
    April 3, 2017

    As an introvert/very anxious person and registered veterinary technician I have realized that the animal care field is not for me. Animals come with owners who are very attached/stressed and they take it out on you. There is a lot of client communication. It is very stressful. I would NOT recommend this field to anyone who is a introvert or struggles with anxiety. I am currently trying to get out of the field due to the anxiety and panic attacks I endure. Once again, stay far away unless you like grumpy stressed people.


    • Dustyn
      April 7, 2017

      Hi Nicole! Thanks for the insight, hopefully it gives those who are considering the field a new perspective. In fact, I can vouch for this as well as I know someone that was in the exact same boat.

      Maybe working within the wild (think park ranger, etc) or even a zoo keeper type job would work. Heck, maybe you can be an activist. It all depends how passionate you are with animals I suppose! Not sure though as I barely know you (let’s change that? you can always check out what I’m up to on Twitter!), just some random ideas. Good luck though, let me know how it pans out in the following months (or years).

  • Jennifer
    April 5, 2017

    I have been a flight attendant for the past 8 years and I recently hit my wall! Major anxiety and completely stressed out, currently on unpaid leave to just have a break – I can now honestly and proudly say that I am an introvert and I can’t pretend to be extroverted any longer! I hope I can figure out what else to do, I am creative but also I am so very lost.

    • Dustyn
      April 7, 2017

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing your little “story.”

      You say you are creative, have you considered any creative like jobs? Creativity is so broad, so try matching it with another passion of yours. For example, you are creative and also enjoy business. You’d most likely thrive with something in marketing. Or, you might be a creative and enjoy writing (hence, creative writing?).

      Try that out for a bit, you might figure something out. As always, I wish you luck and hopefully see you around. Keep in touch by signing up for my email list, I try to keep them EPIC. Cheers! πŸ™‚

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