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51 Things to be Grateful For Everyday

Gratefulness, it varies from person to person.


But often times we rely only on the holidays and special events to realize how grateful we are for what we have, where we are, and where we are going.


This “way of gratefulness” is totally not the definition of true and intrinsic gratefulness. The true definition (by my wording) is this:

The intrinsic appreciation of everything we receive, everyday

Keyword there is everyday. It’s not just on thanksgiving, it’s not just during a holiday, but rather everyday.

I hope that this post goes on to be a guidance for you every single day, even after all of the holidays pass. Keeping this true to yourself will ensure that you never forget what you appreciate in this world, and in doing that; you will never lose touch with who you are and you will never take anything for granted.


With that being said, let’s start covering this list of 51 things to be grateful for, everyday…



1. Having clean air to breathe

Even if you live in New York City, I bet the air is cleaner than some other places in the world (like some areas of China). Be thankful that, even though it could probably be better, you have clean air to breathe.

2. Sheets on your bed

We all know how good fresh sheets and blanket feel, or do we? You forget that while you may not find this as a huge luxury in your life, I’m sure someone has never experienced that “fresh sheet” feeling before.

3. Strolling around stores

Personally I find it fun to stroll around a good store now and then (to be honest, more times than I’d like to admit), you really never know what you will find. If you too find enjoyment out of the occasional stroll around a store (or 3), then next time you go, remember how much you enjoy it. 🙂

4. Good neighbors

Thank your great decision of picking where you live for this one. Having a dreadful neighbor can seriously be no fun.

5. Color

White and black movies, what a bore. But what if that was your entire life, just black and white? Being able to see in color, let alone see at all, is simply a beautiful thing that I am grateful for every time a beautiful sight arises.

6. Books, books, and more books!

Today is a great day to be alive. Why? Well for starters you are alive. But besides that (pushing aside like it’s nothing, oops), with the shelves upon shelves of books we have available today we can virtually learn anything, from anyone. This gift isn’t available to everyone, so never take knowledge for granted.

7. Being able to help others

Be thankful that you are the one giving, rather than receiving. Not everyone has a place to sleep or food to eat, so next time you see someone in need; help them out or at a minimum; be grateful you aren’t in a similar situation.

8. Law and order

Imagine a world of anarchy? No fun, at least not for everyone. Be thankful of law and order and how it tries to protect you as best as it can, every single day (notice how I said try)…

9. Clean water

Seriously, clean water is the of the utmost importance. Yet, some people go without it.

10. Warm showers

Ahhhh, that feeling of warm water in the morning feels great.

11. Access to hospitals

Isn’t it nice knowing you have someone a phone call away that will rush to bring you to a hospital in case you need help? It sure does put our “what ifs” at ease when it comes to emergencies.

12. Internets

Yes, I said internets. Think about this one: 50 years ago (even less!) there was no mainstream access to internet. That means no social media, search engines, or blog posts. May I ask, what the fuck did people do with their time? Better yet, don’t answer that one.

13. Dating apps

They take the burden off of “going out.” It really does help those who get anxiety at the THOUGHT of going to a bar, let alone actually going.

14. Road trips

Literally I’m not sure what I’d do without road trips. They are an epic way to see the world, and even better when you go on one randomly and unplanned.

15. Your thoughts

Have you ever sat there and thought about how “thoughts” are created? It seems simple at a glance, but when you start to ponder, it really gets to you.

16. Coffee

For all of you coffee lovers out there, next time you go get your favorite cup make sure you say thanks to your barista! They really do some epic work, I like to think of it as a craft. 🙂

And yes, even those Starbucks baristas.

17. Grocery store baggers

Although I prefer self checkout (I really should face my social anxiety, eh?), those baggers poor legs must hurt every darn day after standing in nearly one spot all day. All for what? To serve your lazy ass!

18. Finding money

Isn’t is just great when you find money on the ground with no one in sight for miles? Or how about when you find some in your back pocket? Cha-ching.

19. Cats go meow

For the cat lovers out there, this one is for you. Kitties, cats, lions, lets face it; they are epic.

20. Dogs go ruff… right?

For the dog lovers out there, this one is for you. Although they personally aren’t as cool as cats, they are still up there.

21. Your favorite song

Music for me is a way to relax and think about nothing. It’s a creative outlet for some, and a way to express for others. Whatever it may be about music that you like about it, don’t forget that without sound (or the ability to hear) you couldn’t enjoy it! Then again, you wouldn’t know what music is so you wouldn’t “know” what you are missing out on. But, that’s besides the point.

22. Hobbies

Knit? How about bike? No? Hmmmm… Well, I guess what you do for fun doesn’t matter, but just being able to have fun is what is matters.

23. Your parents

Without them, you wouldn’t be here. Simple.

24. Pizza

Seriously, I’m not sure if I’d be alive today without pizza. I eat it more than once a week, and probably a lot more when I was younger. It’s just so darn good.

25. French fries

On the topic of food, french fries are the perfect snack or side dish for a good tasting meal.

26. Good health

Even though french fries won’t attribute to good health, having good health can’t be appreciated enough. It allows us to do everything else on this list freely with mobility.

27. Search engines

An endless library of content upon content, sounds like a library, but its a whole lot easier. Google has made our lives easy, and it has allowed a ton of new information to be available to anyone, anywhere.

28. Grandparents

They are quirky, sure. But just think, that will be you one day. They also make some good food, find weird gifts, and defend you from your parents. 🙂

29. Doctors

Without them, you’d probably be screwed. Unless you know how to do brain surgery and stop bleeding. Then again, we’d probably still be fucked.

30. Money in the bank

No matter how much you have saved up, it’s probably more than someone else does. Thank yourself for having the will-power to save for a rainy day, or emergencies.

31. Available education

These days education is becoming more and more available to most people. Be thankful that, even if you don’t take up the offer, it’s still there in case you ever want it.

32. Heating and cooling

Back in the good ‘ol days you’d need to light a fire to get any heat. These days we have systems which pump warm (or cool) air in our buildings for us to keep us at optimal comfortableness.

33. Ability to read

Being literate, believe it or not, is still a major skill that some do not possess. Thank your 3rd grade teacher for this one.

34. Cars

Although you could argue they pollute the earth, they do make travel 10 times faster. We will get there with the pollution part, slowly but surely!

35. Pain

Without pain, we wouldn’t know when something is wrong with us, and thus we’d die. Thank you nerves!

36. Random acts of kindness

Even if they aren’t for you, seeing them online or even in person can really enlighten our mood.

37. Vaccines and cures

Tons of diseases virtually don’t exist these days, and you can thank vaccines and cures for this one.

38. Inventions

No inventions = no advancement. If we didn’t have brilliant people coming up with new ideas, we’d still be sitting in the stone age twiddling our thumbs.

It’s like the invention of this blog, brilliant. No?

39. Being alive for this time period

Have you ever stopped and thought about the time period we are living in? There is rapidly advancing technology which, 50 years ago, most of it didn’t exist like it does today. We are on the brink of big technology advancements, and we are going to watch it unravel in the coming years.

40. Massages

That feeling of relief and comfort after a quality massage is priceless.

41. Significant otters

Without someone to share this world with, I’m not so sure it’d be so fun.

42. Ice cream

Creamy goodness, while it won’t help with keeping you healthy, that gallon carton of chocolate ice cream will always be there for the hard times.

43. Stop signs

It’d be a fuck fest out there without stop signs and lights. With them, we obtain order on the roadways and thus, we are more likely to survive our travels.

44. Personalities

If we didn’t have that jackass from across the street or that wise one we know and we were all the same when it comes to our personalities; it’d be a boring world out there.

45. Dollar stores

Who doesn’t love cheap stuff? I’ve personally found some pretty nifty things in dollar stores, and they are just a great way to get a bargain.

46. Sunrise… sunset

It is a beautiful sight to see when a sunset (or rise) paints the sky with incredible colors. Not one sunset or rise is the same, and that is why people are so gosh darn drawn to them.

47. Humor

Humor fills our world with joyfulness and excludes sadness and other negative emotions when we filled with humor. And although my humor is dry, I still find myself laughing at things I say (again, more times than I’d like to admit).

48. Postal services

If it weren’t for postal services, you’d have to deliver everything on your own. Good luck with that.

49. News and press

They deliver us content we should all be aware of in near real time. They keep us up to date, and warn us if anything bad is coming our way.

50. YouTube

Creators from all across the world express their creativity and comedy on this platform every day. They have brought a new definition to multi-media that has changed what we watch and how we watch it.

51. Being alive

Do you know how many people that were here yesterday that aren’t here today? People pass every minute, every day, and every night. There is nothing greater than life, because without, we wouldn’t have anything on this list to cherish.


This list is new, and will be updated a TON with many more things to be grateful for. Have anything you are specifically grateful for that hasn’t been listed yet? Comment them down below and I’ll try adding them to the list! 🙂




Let me tell you something, I’m grateful I made it through this post.

Seriously, it took a LOT coming up with only these 51 things to be grateful for; but that just goes to show that even I sometimes overlook things that I take for advantage. Best part? I know there is more to be added! I just have overlooked them as of right now, but I’ll slowly be adding more and more.


No one is perfect, and that is something you’ve heard time and time again. But I seriously hope this post ends up in your favorites bar, and you come back and visit this post when you start losing touch with your true and grateful self. Never forget who you are, what you have, and where you are going; because once you do, you’ll lose track of it all.

Be grateful, stay grateful. Even the little things, they all count, right?


Let me ask you one last thing, what are you grateful for every single day? Share it down below, inspire someone, inspire yourself.

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