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9 Ways to Destroy Unwanted Thoughts For Good

Dealing with thoughts that we don’t exactly desire can be a tough one.


For some of you dealing with this issue right now, it might even seem near impossible to even fathom the thought of destroying those unwanted thoughts for good.


But, what if I told you that it is possible?


So much so that by the end of this post, while you won’t resolve the issue instantly, will likely have enough information and guidance to rid it from your life.

It will be a process, rather a journey, to overcoming unwanted ways of thinking. Rest assured that after it all, it will be worth it.


In this post, I wanted to go above and beyond. Thus, I am going to give you 9 highly practical tips and habits that you can start to pick up on that will help you get rid of unwanted thoughts for good.

Without wasting anymore time, lets get it into the first one..



1. Let them be

Truly getting rid of a thought in the moment is near impossible. Sure, you can think about random things but that preexisting thought is still there; even on a subconscious level.

Stop trying to think over a thought and simply let it be. By pushing it away and trying to cover it up, you are only hurting yourself.


Think about this; a dog takes their bone and buries it. When they think about it later on, they go retrieve it (your unwanted thoughts). They then dig it up, but soon realize they don’t want it and bury it again for another time.


Do you see the problem with this? Unless the dog buried it in a place where it won’t ever come back (or what we will refer to as “laying the impulsive thought to rest”), it will always be there. The spot the bone was buried is your subconscious, and if you always bury it for a later date it will never go away. By addressing it, playing with it, then finally “putting it to rest,” it will allow you to face it and eventually relieve your subconscious from carrying that unwanted thought anymore.


2. Deal with your anxiety

Anxiety can fill our minds with incredibly untrue and undesired thoughts.

By facing anxiety and overcoming that; you will notice that a side effect of overcoming the anxiety is a reduction in impulsive like thoughts.

Now, it definitely is easier said than done. BUT, it’s a lot easier to also do nothing. So, are you going to be a “do nothing-er” or are you going to be one who says fuck you to anxiety and actually work on kicking it in the throat?

Choose the latter? You my friend, are a winner. 🙂


3. Focus on the now

Being mindful of your surroundings; be it the environment, smells, temperatures, or just the people you are around. By allowing yourself to soak up the present moment, you will prevent and squash any past memories or stuck thoughts from coming up.


A good tip for being in the present is remembering that there is only an everlasting now. We don’t live in the past, and there technically is no such thing as a future other than what us humans define as the potential now’s to come.


Makes sense? I know the understanding of that very statement can be tough to wrap your head around. But if you ponder on it long enough, the realization that time is only measurable right now will aid you in getting rid of stuck thoughts and that the past is not something to focus on.


4. Be obsessed about something else

Instead of being obsessed on a bad or specific event, start cultivating your mind to be obsessed on the future possibilities.


Being obsessed doesn’t have to be all that bad, and don’t let others tell you otherwise.

Sure, obsessions might get a bad name for themselves but when they are on a positive future; who is it hurting? In fact, if you aren’t obsessed with creating a positive future for yourself then I might consider that weird instead of the other way around!


You can go about this by finding your life purpose. Find what you will be excited to wake up doing on the daily, even if you aren’t paid the most. If you want money, they go after it. If you want happiness, go after it. If you want both, go after it. Whatever you want, go after it! There will be infinite amounts of past now’s, but only so many future now’s to come. Take advantage of them while you still can and get past this silly roadblock now and stop letting it consume you.


Here is an EPIC video on finding your life purpose by Adam Leipzig at a TEDx talk:


Still having troubles finding your life purpose? Tell me why at the bottom of this page!


5. Give your stuck thoughts power no more

What if you deprived your body of the nutrients it so desperately needs to function? Well, it would have power no more. In fact, it would eventually die.


How can we take this exact thinking (or facts of life) and implement it into our efforts to overcome undesired thoughts? Simple, don’t give them the attention nor the energy they so desperately crave. Kill it by starving it of what it needs (your unwanted thoughts, that is).


Now, this doesn’t mean ignoring it as we’ve already discussed does not work in #1 on this list. My advice by starving your stuck thoughts is to not give them time of day. Allow yourself to overcome whatever it is, say enough is enough, and that this thought is not going to be in your life anymore.

What exactly does telling it to shut up entail? Really a consciously formed decision to call it quits on letting it control you. Think of it as you taking back your mind and allowing yourself to fill your mind with positivity and obsessivity on the future (and now). This is mostly a mindset change that you will have to make consciously. Once you partake in the mindset long enough, it will be embedded in your subconscious.


6. Is it just brain fog?

Brain fog, lack of concentration, or just bad health can all lead to major issues within (and out). Whether you want to believe it or not, your unhealthy lifestyle may just of caught up to you and this is your “calling” to make a change in your habits for a healthier life.

Brain fog can mostly be caused by a bad diet, which can be resolved by in-taking the right vitamins. Besides just healthy eating, there are a range of other things that could be causing this all. From bad sleeping habits to stress, they can really put a damper on your overall health.

If you see any flaws in your health, you may want to address them and either fix the issue or cross this tip off the list. Either way, health is never a thing you want to give up!


7. Talk about it with someone (or something..)

What exactly is on your mind that is bothering you so much that you had to turn the internet for help?


Let me tell you, not all issues can be solved on the internet. Although, I wish that were true, it simply isn’t. The face to face, emotional and physical interaction with others, is something the internet hasn’t quite grabbed a hold of yet and talking it out with a real person that you can trust can make all the difference.


Whether it be a family member (aunt’s / uncle’s are the coolest by the way), a good friend, or even one of those people you pay every hour; try it out. Don’t give away all your cards at first, but rather ease into it. This will allow you to judge how they will react (depending on what it is you have on your mind). From there, you will be able to judge if they are going to be receptive and supportive of whatever it may be. I know that this process is vital to truly letting it all out. Because if you don’t trust them, you won’t go all in.


For some, this may be the only way out of your unwanted or bad thoughts. Hopefully, this one comes to use of some!


8. Partake in some meditation

Meditation can seem silly or tough depending on how you look at it, but these days technology makes it easy for even the most unskilled beginner to get started.
Apps like Headspace have really made it easily (and cheaply) accessible to meditate. By meditating, you will slowly take back control of your mind, running thoughts, and slowly cultivate the power of true control over your mind and its thoughts.


Give it a go, what’s the worst that will happen?


9. Get away from whatever triggers AND causes your thoughts

If you keep getting triggered by something which brings up a seemingly “stuck” thought, try removing that trigger from your life.


In addition, if at all possible (most common in reoccurring events), remove that event from your life by avoiding it from happening again. Whatever it may be, having an event occur over and over will make it literally impossible for you to rid it from your mind.

You must first rid the issue from your life, from there you can then take these other steps I listed from it ever coming up in your thoughts again.


Final thoughts

Heck, I am no OCD or anxiety or whatever it may be specialist; but what I am a specialist in is the mindset that anything can be done. Whether it be with wealth, health, happiness, or productivity; you can do it all on your own terms (99% of the time – more likely than not you are not that 1% that can’t do it within).

Sure, some things may be near impossible to overcome by ones self but I’m referring to basic and common issues people have in life that nearly everyone can overcome. These issues I try to help people overcome are nothing more than in your mind. By unlocking that power, you too can achieve whatever you put your head to.

I hope this post has helped those of you who truly suffer from a lot of consistent unwanted thoughts. It can be tough, but stick to it; you’ll get there.


But before you go..

“What will you do with your new “controlled” thoughts? Will you focus on the much larger picture? Happiness? Let me know below.”

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